D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team


Ankh Tech Team

Challenge: Immigration Division


ANKH TECH’s Christopher Keller is originally from Diego Martin and now resides in Aranjuez. In addition to his coding endeavors, he says he leads a double life as… a farmer. For the past eight years, he has owned and operated a flourishing 15-acre farm in Wallerfield cultivating fruit and vegetables. It’s allowed him to explore the fusion of technology and agriculture. From implementing hydroponics to dabbling in IOT applications like sensor-driven farming, his farming escapades are as tech-savvy as his coding exploits.

His teammate is Agola Odero. Agola is originally from Nairobi, Kenya, a busy urban city also known as the “green city in the sun”. He lives in Barataria, where his mum is from. He originally studied Math and thought his future lay in academia. However, feeling tired of academia he taught himself programming and then went on to formal studies in the field. Archery and YouTube are two of his hobbies–when he’s not sleeping.

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