D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team



Challenge: Customs & Excise Division


Akshay Seedath, from Couva, the first member of Team D’velopers, says his goal is to be a data scientist. His motivation to get into software development is the opportunity to work on projects that transform and optimize the way we solve problems.

The next member is Kyle Jaimungal of New Grant. Kyle became a software developer after watching how computers and video games were made and the coding process involved. He decided to apply for the developers’ hub challenge because one of his close friends mentioned the challenge and he thought it would be a great way to bond with the close group of friends that he planned on entering the developers’ hub challenge with.

Suveer Ramsamaroo is from and still living in Longdenville and Palmiste. Suveer’s first tech heartbreak came after spending roughly two weeks prototyping, developing and coding an algorithm for a microprocessor, the algorithm did not work. Better luck today, Suveer!

Tahj Ramudith of Team D’Velopers hails from St. Augustine with a favourite colour of Navy Blue. His first tech “heartbreak” occurred the first time he realised that whatever he creates is never going to be perfect. His exposure to software development during his degree programme was the perfect catalyst that piqued his interest in the field and fueled his decision to pursue it seriously as a career. His biggest life supporter is his father. To aspiring developers, he advises that you invest considerable time in your learning pursuits and embrace online forums as a pivotal tool in your journey.

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