D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team



Challenge: EMA


J3T is another one-man team: Johnny Tiu, of Marabella is the only member of team J3T. He says he always loved maths and problem solving, and with technology and data becoming easily accessible, it became just another part of his “toolbox” for solving problems. What feeds his creativity while coding? Curiosity, passion, and exposure to what other people have done so far, and what resources or techniques from other spaces can be applied. His tech heartbreak, he says, happened during his master’s studies. For his Thesis in Mechanical Engineering, a large part of it was coding to develop analytical vibration solutions. His hardware at the time was lackluster, running out of ram, max clock speeds, CPU at 98°C, 3+ hour long computations; just to realise after months of debugging he missed a negative sign and that his results were incorrect. He learned to write cleaner and more efficient code to get his solution.

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