D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team



Challenge: Ministry of Health + TTPOST


SK Devs Team member Kwasi Edwards joined the D’hub because he believes in its vision to transform Trinidad and the region. While in Form Three, I.T.’s logic impressed him so much that he became a software developer. Eventually Kwasi developed a game called Narucrow, which got over 40,000 downloads and a dedicated fanbase before it crashed because of an unfortunate hardware disaster. Kwasi is looking for redemption in Challenge Real Time s42.

His partner and teammate is Sinead Hamel-Smith. Her journey into UX design was fueled by a lifelong passion: art. She placed 8th in the Caribbean in the CAPE Art exams. When she met Kwasi they found a perfect synergy between her artistic inclinations and Kwasi’s knack for development. As their relationship blossomed, this converged beautifully in the realm of UI design. Delving deeper into this fusion, she discovered the fascinating intricacies of UX design, which became the cornerstone of her professional aspirations.


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