D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team



Challenge: EMA


Aaron Boodoo, from Princes Town, is the first member of team TRIROCKET. His advice to new programmers would be: start building that app you always wanted to build. Ironically, that didn’t work out for him when he first started coding. His first tech heartbreak was his teammate Marc telling him that the genius app idea they were building at UWI was already a thing.

Marc Hypolite hails from Point Fortin. Aaron brought the idea of the challenge to him and he thought that with their skills they would be able to create software that would improve the lives of citizens in Trinidad and Tobago.

Finally, Trevyn Roberts, from Port-of-Spain, is a UX/UI designer who was motivated to become a developer because he always loved working with people and real-world problem-solving. He drinks coconut water as his coding pick-me-up and calls himself a “glass is half full” person. He said he’s been fortunate to have great mentors throughout his journey who taught him to look for the key takeaways in every situation.

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