Personalized Health Monitoring and Advisory Solution

How to better provide critical medical updates and information on healthier lifestyles to the population of Trinidad and Tobago by utilising personalized/tailored information to the citizen?

The Ministry of Health, ICT Division wishes to develop a digital solution that provides the public with the ability to monitor their health, push prescriptive advice and allow individuals to subscribe to information on NCDs to help them take control of their wellness.


As reported by PAHO, “In Trinidad and Tobago, NCDs account for 62% of deaths every year. Over half of population has at least 3 risk factors for NCDs but many people find it challenging to choose healthier lifestyles.” 

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) continue to be a concern in Trinidad and Tobago because of a high and increasing prevalence of risk factors in the population.  These include several modifiable behavioral risk factors such as unhealthy diets, obesity, unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and lack of physical activity. If left unchanged, these modifiable behaviours can lead to chronic Non-Communicable Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. 

Although the Ministry of Health has made and continues to make considerable efforts toward communicating information to the public regarding NCDs and the importance of healthy lifestyles, the public must sift through a large amount of information to locate information specific to them. 

Customer Profile: 

  • > 18 years
  • High risk of developing an NCD or
  • Newly diagnosed with an NCD or
  • Known diagnosis of an NCD interested in achieving control 

Health information is currently available through limited channels which include the Ministry of Health’s website, with selected initiatives disseminated through main stream media. 


The solution should provide users with information on the Ministry of Health and Health initiatives. 

The solution should allow users to have personalised information at the palm of their hands as it relates to Ministry of Health’s initiatives and medical updates in real time. 

The solution should allow users to create an anonymous or personal profile and select diagnosed conditions from a range of NCDs.  

The solution should enable users to subscribe to information on selected NCDs, thereby allowing automatic receipt of notifications and other health related information, personalised according to their indicated health condition. 

The solution should provide security to protect sensitive health data of registered users. 

The solution should provide the location of the closest health facility based on the location of the user. 

The solution should be designed to allow for future integration of data on users’ vital signals, steps, health condition collected through various apps, wearable devices etc. 


Other Relevant Information

The Ministry of Health utilizes a Windows Active Directory domain infrastructure.  The Ministry’s intranet utilizes a SharePoint platform.   

The majority of the Ministry’s inhouse applications are powered by a Microsoft SQL backend with and PHP used for frontend development.   

The metrics of success will be determined by the following: 

  • Number of overall subscribers (app downloads)
  • Number of profiles created
  • Retention rate 
  • Active Users 
  • Screen views
  • Session Length
  • Crash rate 


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