D'Hub 2023 Challenge Team


One Eleven Technologies

Challenge: Customs & Excise Division


ONE ELEVEN TECHNOLOGIES is the one-man team of Tyrel De Bique. From Maloney Gardens originally, he’s now resident in Santa Rosa Heights. His coding creativity is sparked by considering user requirements and considerations towards user adoption. His advice to young developers: “The tech industry is evolving rapidly so staying adaptable and exploring new technologies will set you up for success.” Tyrel’s hobbies are Jigsaw puzzles, anime and playing NBA2K. He used to paint professionally and he’s hoping to get back to it soon. Fun fact: Tyrel produces his own jigsaw puzzles from art he created. He can’t say he’s had any “heartbreaks” as it relates to software development. Tyrel said he was surprised that an agency like Customs and Excise were using such a convoluted means of data collection and management. He thought he had a possible solution for it and decided to throw his hat into the ring.

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